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Great Theft Car Special Edition v. 1.02 English 
Author: Johnix

It is finally out! Mod, the demo of which summoned a hurricane of positive emotions.
The man, who spent one year on it. And now why see it. Rejoice, because Great Theft Car v. 1.03 RELEASED!

What is it all about?

It all happens in 1993. After a party at Madd Dogg's CJ wakes up in his house and sees that his house in on fire!
After he talks to Sweet he finds out, that his house was set on fire, and obviously not accidentally...
CJ will get invlolved in gang wars, street races, revenge and destruction
of a secret syndicate, whose member are ready for everything, and whose goal is to kill CJ and his brother and
break down Grove Street Families - all of this in Great Theft Car! 

What awaits you:

-47 thrilling and exciting missions (including 1 side mission, Zero's RC Challenge).
-Own story line.
-New characters.
-You can take over 15 businesses! 
-A ton of memories after final credits. 


Special Edition v. 1.02
-Fixed a lot of bugs in businesses
-Fixed mission Silent Assassin - it will appear only if you pass all Los Santos missions
-Fixed bugs in several cutscenes
-Fixed bug when the game crashes near Cluckin Bell in Vietnamese Problem mission
-Fixed timers in several missions

Special Edition v. 1.01
-After Velocity mission new missions will appear
-Fixed mission Up, Up And Shoot! (it worked bad in SE v.1.00)
-After Up, Up And Shoot! mission Woozie's marker will disappear correctly
-Beginning Leone's missions with 0 businesses in Las Venturas will not crash game 

Special Edition
-16 new missions with cutscenes and subtitles (you can skip cutscene, just press JUMP button)
-You can now take over businesses! There are 15 businesses in the game. 
 You must destroy a car in front of a building to begin simple mission. Complete it - and business is yours and will
 generate income. You can now recruit guards and give them better ammunition. Rival gangs could try take this 
 business back, but there is a chance that your guards will protect it themselves. 
 If they take business back, it will stop generate revenue and you must repair it. 
 When you are in business menu, press LEFT/RIGHT to choose between improvements, press 
 SPRINT button to buy improvement and press ENTER THE CAR button to exit menu. 
 You can peek from the corners! To do that, come close to a wall and press the key "answer - no". Using keys "previous
  weapon" and "next weapon" you can move along the wall.
-You can peek from the corners! To do that, come close to a wall and press the key "answer - no". 
 Using keys "previous weapon" and "next weapon" you can move along the wall. When CJ comes to the corner of a wall, 
 he peeks from around that corner. To shoot, push and hold the key "aim". To stop peeking from around the corner, 
 press "answer - no" again. 
-Johnson's house is not available from the beginning. To make the Johnson house available again, you must repair it. 
 It will cost $50000. Press the key «Answer - yes" to repair the house.

-Changed Introduction
-Changed Knives'n'STICKS
-Changed First Racer In A City
-Changed rewards in all missions

-Fixed bug in MC's Lifestyle, when MC didn't get in the car
-Fixed bug in Deadly Agreement, when game crashed in the end of a cutscene
-Fixed bug in Destination San Fierro, now timer shows 5 minutes
-Fixed bug in Vietnamese Problem, now bike don't get stuck in the stairs
-Fixed bug in Big Rig, now trailer don't crash after tutscene
-Fixed bug in several missions, when homies shoots CJ
-Fixed bug in Green Fist, now gangsters throw molotovs in Johnson's house
-Fixed bug in Dream Catcher, whem MC played running animation when on the boat
-Fixed bug in The Great Escape


So, what's do we have in 1.03? All the old stuff, plus glitch/bug correction and  a ton of new features!
Mission glitches are practically all corrected. 
Added the ability to skip cutscenes using your 'JUMP' key (left shift by default).
About features: 

Cars have new abilities! What does that mean? It means that if you get in a certain car, 
you will see a meter, which fills up when you do certain things, and when it fully fills up and you hear a distinctive sound,
just press 'SECONDARY FIRE' and enjoy! SO what features did I prepare for you?

1. Roar. 
What it is: when pressing the button, your car emits such a strong roar, that an explosion appears, which destroys
everything in its path! You can use it to clear traffic congestions, get rid of unwanted enemies and/or cops.
How to get it: drift on your car, do handbrake turns, and your meter will slowly fill up!
Accessible for: stallion, feltzer, sabre, tampa, stafford, blade, broadway, remington, savanna, slamvan,
tornado, voodoo, freeway, faggio,  sanchez, wayfarer, buffalo, clover, phoenix. 
Accessible after mission: Freeway.

2. Njoy.
What it is: when you press the button, you car speeds up to its maximum speed in an instant!
How to get it: sly. Ramps are the best way for your car to get Njoy.
Accessible for: elegy, flash, jester, stratum, sultan, uranus, admiral, hustler, greenwood, picador, virgo, 
esperanto, glendale, oceanic, merit, sentinel. 
Accessible after mission: First Racer In A City.

3. Zone.
What it is: when you press the button, time slows down, and your car gets better handling.
Usable for sharp turns and passing car accumulations.
How to get it: drive on the maximum speed. The meter will fill up only if your speed is more than 100 mph! 
Accessible for: infernus, cheetah, turismo, euros, banshee, bullet, comet, hoknife, hotring, super 
gt, windsor, zr-350, bf-400,
fcr-900, nrg-500, pcj-600.
Accessible after mission: It's Like A Vacation.

4. Agro.
What it is: when you press the button, your car becomes invincible! Search and destroy! Ram cars, people! 
Cops will no longer disturb you. 
How to get it: ram everything in sight. Oncoming cars, pedestrians - anything is good for Agro.
Accessible for: huntley, landstalker, perennial, rancher, regina, romero, solair, patriot, mesa, dune, burrito,
Accessible after mission: FBI Truck.

Also, Carl has a special feature! Something resembling GTA3 GTAVC time pill - Rullet Time!
Get out and shoot everything that moves! The meter will slowly fill up. After it is filled, 
you will hear a special sound. Press the 'ACTION' button and get Rullet Time!! This is
available after the mission Green Fist.

Also, not depending on a mission or car, a cool speedometer appears, thanks to hard_aka_shalun!

Automatic installation:

Unpack the archive into a folder of your choice.
If San Andreas is installed into "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\", just run install.bat.
It will install the modification, and also backup replaced files.
After installing, run the game and start a NEW GAME!
If San Andreas is installed into any other directory, refer to manual installation.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you turn on subtitles!! Options -> Dosplay Setup -> Subtitles -> ON

Manual installation:

Unpack the archive in the GTA San Andreas folder. Overwrite any files it asks. After installing,
run the game and start a NEW GAME!!
IMPORTANT: Make sure you turn on subtitles!! Options -> Display Setup -> Subtitles -> ON


Thanks to:

Mod beta testers:
Petey xXx
The Tube

Special thanks to:
Joker XT for train car model creation
TJone ,L!mon, BANDIT for mod logo
hpk for great art
hard_aka_shalun for speedometer
nikitos, yelmi for help in scripting
Altdies ,Catzilla, Online for mod's official website
nosferatu, Catzilla for translation


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The forum '' and all its members.

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